Cotton embroidery water soluble lace cleaning


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Cotton embroidered water soluble lace is made of 100% polyester or half of the polyester add half of the cotton, try not to be placed in the washing machine cleaning, if it is at home cleaning cotton embroidery water soluble lace clothing, we must put cotton embroidered water soluble lace in the laundry bag neutral detergent.

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1 Machine wash (机洗)

But the more advanced lace products, or a larger area of cotton embroidery water soluble lace dress, etc., it is recommended to the best wash to the laundry or be sure to hand wash, after washing to low-temperature hot iron will lace ironing, cotton embroidery water soluble lace ductility will be good, can keep the water soluble lace pattern does not distort the deformation.

Good students:

2 Machine wash (permanent press) (机洗免烫)

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3 Machine wash (gentle cycle) (轻柔机洗)

water soluble lace

I want to tell you struggle today. Yesterday and a friend asked me: "eldest brother, have you ever thought that you have today?" I said I wasn't really thinking, sometimes every time I brush my teeth and wash my face, have a look oneself is really a miracle.

4 Hand wash (手洗)

  1. Cleaning cotton embroidery water soluble lace when the use of mild texture of the soap or special cleaning delicate textile cleaning agent, can’t use concentrated detergent, bleach and other fabric damage to the larger cleaning agent, these cleaning agents will greatly affect the color of the stability, ruined a good product.

  2. Before cleaning, the first towel spread in the pool, wash and then towel will be picked up, this can prevent the lace accidentally pull off.

  3. The wet cotton embroidery water soluble lace wrapped in a towel to suck away the water, then they tiled on the table to be dry naturally.


5 Water temperature not above 40C (最高洗涤温度40摄氏度)

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How can I become like this today? I really only a small show, do not read the book, is laughing to do the thief, give others a slap in the face, then in fifteen at the age of six, began to do when one of dozens of show, is holding a knife in the back, "ah" like this call, five dollars a day. Remember most is cold, cold weather two heroes in the rain to play, but we have to soak in the water, the rain, be scold, "don't move ah, kakaka, what you move, you die. Understand?" "Know, know". My life is the best, always directed a dead, who who who who who who, die here, slowly began to know my name.

6 Do not wash (不可洗涤)

那时候每天在片场,觉得武术指导好威风啊,永远是开一部车子,“哐”就过去了,我的DREAMCAR (梦想跑车),结果真的是皇天不负有心人。有一天我站在那边,他哐过去之后倒车回来,他看看我,“你是我们那一组的吗?”“是”,“上车”,他叫我上车,我一开车门,你们记住,到今天我都是如此,不管谁的车,打开门,屁股先上,坐好,人家会非常欣赏你的。开门坐上去,拍拍,尤其是雪天啊,下雨啊,人家一看,哇,一个小动作,我从坐在那边到片场,我没动过那个姿势,动都没动过,就这样子下车,“谢谢指导,谢谢指导”。我就退后了,以后每天他就接我,跟他聊天,慢慢我从四十个人到十个到两个,最后有他就有我,后来变成副武术指导,后来就变成最年轻的武术指导,我十八岁做武术指导到今天。反正记住最重要的,细节定义成败。

7 Do not bleach (不可漂白)

At that time every day in the studio, think martial arts guide imposing ah, always open a car, "bang" on the past, my DREAMCAR (dream car), the result is really pays off. One day I was standing there, he sent after the past reversing back, he have a look me, "you are my group?" "Is", "car", he told me to get on the bus, I opened the door, you remember, today I is true, no matter who the car, open the door, butt first, sit down, others will appreciate your. Open the door to sit on, pat, especially snow, rain, others a look, wow, a small action, I go to the set from sitting there, I didn't touch the posture, never touched, like this off, "thank you, thank you guidance". I will take every day, he took me, chat with him, I slowly from forty to ten to two, at last he had me, became deputy martial arts guide, and later became the most young martial arts guide, my eighteen year old martial arts instruction to do today. I remember the most important, the definition of success or failure of the details.

8 Tumble dry (滚筒干燥)


9 Do not iron (不可熨烫)

Today I to you, I put off the hat, also in Yugoslavia after surgery, the first cut so short. Take "Eagle program" in Yugoslavia, a hop tree lens, "clang", jump down the brain surgery. Since then, my father called He Guanchang, he said you can't cut your hair, so I didn't cut my hair. I'm not superstitious, but I do my superstition, I half believes it is better than no letter, letter, but also protect their life. If I shoot "Police Story", when I jump lights, you really don't understand the situation at that time is how terror. Headlight removed, hanging three bar iron, iron finished, we had to pull the steel wire, steel wire can not lock, can stick, with AA glue, stick to hang to hang glue glass, blasting, seventy-two feet, five and a half floor. Do not try, just think, how to do it, did not start, only one hand to grasp, I like to jump, jump eight feet. I'm not sure, sure, I'll try. But we can only take six days, the children's paradise, if the racquet does not end, six hundred pounds of sugar glass to take, very large projects, we have spent six days to cover. Suddenly a JC group people come up to say, eldest brother, we all can. I see, all machines are set, more than three hundred extras all looked at me, I a person look back on it, look back, just telling yourself, I can, I can. After waiting for a long time, I go out, I didn't prepare. So you go back to look at the "Police Story", I jumped out of the moment, is called out, "hell, ah", and went out. I continue to play, I'm excited. "Wow, success", all the people, all the people, Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, the manager, makeup, clothing, tea all cry, cry what I say, what a good cry, so simple thing, in fact, at that time I really afraid afraid, I hit two hand swelled out, then I sleep up doors are not open to the whole people, is an instant collapse.

10 Do not wring (不可拧干)


11 Do not dry clean (不可干洗)

Another is to shoot "A plan", jump the bell tower. Hongkong is very small, not so much as a background,,, all the people, this site are not used, is me, take at least a year, so the traffic was at sixes and sevens, everyone hope I come on the scene. You look at the tabernacle in the above, there are so big, I come in a little bit may feet off, over a nod off, how should I fall. Every time when I go out, it is not SUPPERMAN (Superman), I am an ordinary person, I said so, such a lens, the lens to jump, I took six days without a. I remember one day He Guanchang and Zhou Wenhuai two big boss came up, patted me, they say not so dangerous, don't jump do not jump, with a substitute with double. I said: "double also is a person, a fear!" I said I could.

12 Drip dry (悬挂滴干)



I went up for a day, I waited for a long time, the weather is also very good, light is also very good, suddenly Sammo Hung, "you can't jump", he caught hold of the machine, a shout "ROLLING (start shooting)", I went out. "And" I do, very bitter, you always see my most beautiful. I'm behind too many unknown things, today I sometimes take a shower, my assistant in there, my foot was dislocated, and he helped me Ka, the line, can, and in. My shoulder for three years to wait for surgery, has not yet opened, to play two nail, so now I can carry heavy things, hurt is uncountable.

Fewer than one in seven people can correctly identify common washing symbols while a third of Britons admit they never check instruction labels.

很多人讲大哥你是SUPPERMAN(超人),我不是SUPPERMAN(超人),但是我只是肯拍,对我自己,对电影,对观众负责。到了后面我知道已经有新科技,在美国,太牛了这种机器。我去看《阿凡达》,那个导演介绍我看一个机器,那个机器两个镜头,他是这样子,他跟我讲,我说“是,是,是”,我真的一点都不懂,但是我要装得很懂的样子。我走了之后,我就问他们在拍什么,原来他们上面有三百多个机器,这些东西我现在有钱买了,我也不会用,观众就喜欢看我自己亲身做的。但是,在这十几年当中,很多人说,他老了他打不动了,我也很生气,我说好,I PROVE,我要证明给你们看。我是年纪大,但是我比所有很多年轻人还行,所以我要拍一部《十二生肖》给你们看,看我还能做什么。谢谢,谢谢你们。


Many people said that big brother you are SUPPERMAN (Superman), I'm not SUPPERMAN (Superman), but I just want to do, on my own, for the film, responsible for the audience. Behind I know there has been a new technology, in American, too cattle the machine. I went to see "Afanda", the director introduced me to a machine, the machine of two lenses, he is like this, and he told me, "I said is, is, is," I really don't know, but I want to pretend to be understand. After I left, I asked what they're filming, they have more than 300 machine, which I now have the money to buy, I will not use, the audience like to watch my own personal do. However, in this more than 10 years, a lot of people say, he is old he did not move, I am very angry, I say, I PROVE, I want to prove to you. I am old, but I'm better than all the many young people is OK, so I have to shoot a "twelve year" for you to see, to see what I can do. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Some seven in ten confessed they have machine washed items that should have gone to the dry cleaners because they failed to look at the labels.


The ignorance about how clothes should be cleaned can cost families thousands of pounds, according to a sample test of householders by school uniform supplier Trutex.


Men are the worst offenders with more than three quarters (78 percent) always using the same programme on a washing machine regardless of the instructions.


Almost half of women (48 percent) used just three programmes or less.


While almost eight out of ten people (79 percent) believe it is important to check the labels on their clothes, less than half (39 percent) look at them when buying a new item.


In the test some nine out of ten said they were unaware that some clothing should never be put in the tumble drier.


Ironing was the most understood symbol however six in ten people automatically use a high heat steam without checking.


Most women (90 percent) said they had learned how to wash clothes when helping their mothers as young girls with almost all (95 percent) separating out whites and colors.


This compares with only 15 percent of men who helped their mothers or washed their own dirty linen when at home.


One in four said they never looked at instructions and one in six had never used a washing machine.


Overall less than half (47 percent) of all who took part in the study 'often' check labels.


Matthew Easter, managing director at Trutex said: 'The research shows a huge lack of knowledge when it comes to knowing what care labels mean and an ignorance of their importance.


'The labels are there so the best care can be taken of fabrics and show how they should be treated.


'This helpful information can save time and money and ensure clothes last longer.'



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